We have a robust history in the community of Saskatoon. We look forward to all the ways we can continue to build and support this wonderful community, and this is the place we can reflect on the past that’s made us who we are.

The Saskatoon Community Service Village is rooted in the Saskatoon Women’s Resource Centre, SWRC. The group met for more than 10 years to establish a women’s centre that would provide integrated, gender-specific programs in one location. This is where we owe our humble beginnings, and below is a condensed timeline of what followed.

A group of organizations providing service and advocacy for women formed the SWRC committee. The group worked together for several years trying to co-locate organizations serving women in the city. The YWCA and the Saskatoon Sexual Assault and Information Centre were part of that group, and are part of the Village to this day.

September, 1996
YWCA received a grant from The Muttart Foundation for a feasibility study to look at various options to fulfill the YWCA’s mission, to better serve the community and to remain financially viable. Dianne Manegre and Deborah Fortosky conducted this Phase I study.

January, 1997
The YWCA hosted a community meeting involving over 30 organizations. A mission statement for the co-location project was developed, and the project was named the Saskatoon Community Service Village.

July, 1997
The first volunteer committees were formed, and exploration of corporate structure and management issues gets underway.

December, 1998
Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service joined the partnership and a strategic fundraising plan was developed.

March, 1999
Partner agencies named representatives to the Village Board of Directors, and City Council provided a grant of $239,000.

May, 1999
The Frank and Ellen and Ellen Remai Foundation pledged $200,000! Saskatoon Community Service Village Inc. was incorporated and the Board of Directors held its first meeting.

April, 2000
First employee hired, a project coordinator!

May, 2000
Groundbreaking ceremony and construction commences!

From then to now, the Village has become an iconic piece of the non-profit community in Saskatoon. Our partner agencies continue to benefit from colocation and collaboration, while the citizens we serve continue to get better and more effective service.